Content creation - Social Media

Akante is a brand of contemporary, functional furniture from the north of France. Their furniture collection stands out for its customisation thanks to a wide range of different finishes and materials/ Our teams was asked to create targeted content for Akante’s social networks.

Creation of content optimised for social networks and account management

We actively manage their Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. Firstly, we draw up a content strategy to create an editorial schedule to ensure a regular and relevant presence on the various platforms.

Visuel content (photo and video) is then created in different formats (1:1, 2:3 and 9:16), using our graphic and motion design skills. The aim : to optimise engagement with Akante’s audience.

Finally comes the phase of writing the posts, in which we adapt the tone and style of writing to suit each platform and the target audience, in order to established effective communication with the audience.

With our expertise in creating content optimised for the networks, we are able to maximise Akante’s visibility and impact by highlighting their products in an attractive and relevant way.

Expertise: Design, Social Media