Conciliateurs de justice

Graphic identity - Social Media

The conciliator of justice is a voluntary auxiliary of justice whose role is to find an amicable solution to a dispute between one or more parties. The conciliators of France contacted our agency so that we could offer them support tailored to their important digital communication needs.

Creation of a graphic identity

Our partnership began with the meticulous creation of a complete graphic charter, from the logo to the brand book, in order to guarantee the band a consistent visual identity, including photo shoots with the aim of producing photo and video content for the social networks.

Social media campaign

Then, we took charge of producing captivating content specifically adapted to networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Our team is committed to promoting the image ans values of the conciliators through relevant publications, attractive visuals ans powerful messages, in particular those validated by the Ministry of Justice. This strategic approach strengthens their online visibility and promotes effective communication with their target audience as part of this campaign.

Expertise: Design, Social Media