Ipac Bachelor Factory

Communication materials - Graphic identity

The Ipac Bachelor Factory is a business school based in Lille but also present throughout France with 13 other campuses (school of the Eduservice group).

Campus dressing

The Lille campus called on us to dress it up on the theme of “the student at the heart of his city”. Like interior architects, we created plans of the building to rethink the design of each room. We created illustrations of Lille’s iconic neighbourhoods to be displayed in the school’s rooms, all bearing the name of each neighbourhood for the occasion.

Recruitment campaign

For the sake of a recruitment campaign, we organised and carried out a student shoot to create a variation of the IPAC Bachelor Factory’s national campaign.

Expertise: Creation

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Illustration qui souhaite la bienvenue
Illustrations qui représentent les bâtiments iconiques de Lille
Visuel de publicité pour l'IPAC
Affiches créées pour l'IPAC
2 étudiants discutant sur les marches devant l'IPAC