Social media - Communication materials

For four of the IT trattoria Italian restaurants in the Hauts de France, we carried out a social media strategy and the production of content for the social networks. The objective was to offer the general public various attractive marketing operations while animating the restaurants to increase the flow of customers.

Filming, photo shoots, content production, social media animation, competitions, variations of IT FRANCE content, media plan, etc. Strategic and operational support was deployed in order to be consistent with the image promoted by IT FRANCE while creating a local community.

Thus several axes were defined:

  • To make the employees known in order to develop a feeling of belonging on the one hand while encouraging a certain proximity and affective relationship with the loyal clientele (interviews with employees for distribution on social networks)
  • Highlighting of products
    Organic social media animation (competitions, advent calendar, special operations…)
  • Social media ads campaign (meta only)
  • Themes consistent with the pillars of the IT brand (Southern Italy, Calabria, warm colours, architecture, dolce vita…)
  • Content adapted to different targets depending on the time of day (students, families, tourists, morning coffee…)

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